Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Coalition Dumps Abbott For Carbon Tax

The Federal Coalition made history this morning when they voted overwhelmingly to sack Tony Abbott, and then installed Labor’s Carbon Tax as Leader of the Opposition.

The surprise move came 3 months after a pair of poll results that showed that the Carbon Tax was more popular with Australian voters (Essential Research, 46%) than Mr Abbott (Newspoll, 33%).

Former Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has been replaced by the Carbon Tax.

One senior Liberal figure (speaking on condition of anonymity) said, “It was a no-brainer, thank goodness. When the polls are that clear, it’s time to make a change.” But he denied that the change in leadership was the beginning of the end for the Coalition. “Don’t think for a moment that we’re in trouble; believe me, we’re behind our new leader eleventy per cent.”

The Carbon Tax marked its elevation to the Opposition leadership by embarking on a whistlestop tour of the country, starting in Whyalla. But the Tax plans to be back in Canberra before long.

“It’s obvious that my place is in Parliament,” the Carbon Tax said before driving off in its carbon-neutral Prius. “There’s more hot air coming out of the House of Representatives than any factory in the country. Well, that’s about to change.”

Kevin Rudd refused to comment.

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