Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Abbott's Spectacular Spectacles

Here's an article you WON'T read in the papers, about Tony Abbott's impending National Press Club speech.

Double standards, anyone?

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott unveiled more than a policy launch today - he also showed off a new pair of glasses.
The LOTO, who doesn’t normally wear corrective lenses, surprised a number of political pundits when he took to the lectern at the National Press Club sporting the stylish black-framed spectacles.

His hair also appeared to have been changed, with more neutral tones than before.

Some online commentators dubbed the glasses "hipster specs" while one keen fan called them "super stylish".

In response to queries on Twitter, his press secretary James Boyce pointed out that Mr Abbott's use of glasses is new – and that this is a new pair.

And with that answer, onlookers' attention went back to the speech - and the surprise policy launch.

(this article was actually published, about Julia Gillard, following her National Press Club address)

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